How to start a blog: Best practices



How to start a blog: Best practices

How to start a blog: Best practices

The need of learning has made us to find the best way to transmit and preserve information, at the beginning it was transmitted in an oral way, then people started to draw on wall (an image worths a thousand words), and one of the most amazing inventions of mankind appeared; written language, since then we have been able to transmit information in a concise, accurate and effective way.


Spreading written information

In order to spread the information we have used several methods along of our entire history, writing on walls, on parchments, and on the king of information transmission until some years ago, the paper, this last have been the media for excellence used to store and transmit the knowledge, but in the 20th century appeared a very innovative invention that changes or world in so many ways, the computer and with it, the word processors, which allowed to write using a keyboard as an input method and a screen (monitor) or printer as output.


Following computer’s appearance into the world, came to us the miraculous internet, and smart devices, and so, a brand new form of info transmission was born, we can see, hear or read things happening in very far places, the sharing of information happens in seconds and books and newspapers, naming a very few examples, can be read digitally. You can find information for things like tow trucks!


Blogs, the heirs of websites

When internet arrived to our lives appeared new forms to spread information, the websites is one of them, a site that can be viewed online that show a lot of information about a theme websites are interactive, a blog is an informational website, created and maintained by one individual or a small group of them, with a chronological structure, displaying information about a subject (text entries called posts) in the reverse chronological order.


How to start a blog

  • First find out the information you want to share with the world, choose a subject.
  • Second, choose a blogging platform, there are several platforms that allow you  to create a blog easily like WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, among many others, you will have to take some decisions,like if you want Self-hosting or a free alternative for example.
  • Third design your blog.

Best practices for blogging

There are some tips you should have in mind when you have a blog, take in count these advices:


1- The content is the core of your blog, therefore the quality is extremely important, more than quantity, be informative and be consistent with your post.


2- The frequency is a critical aspect, you have to post as frequents as you get new information, and you should get new information frequently, your blog must have current information all the time.


3- Don’t be afraid to use pictures, remember the value of images in communication and learning.


4- Treat others like you want to be treated, take in count the people who writes in your blog’s chat and answer quickly.


5- Keep everything organized.